To enable the PhysiKey keyboard, please install it first from the iTunes App Store. Once installed, go to the Settings App on your iPad. Under General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards, if PhysiKey Keyboard does not appear in the list, click the Add New Keyboard button and select PhysiKey

Once added, to change to the PhysiKey keyboard in any app, on the default keyboard hold down on the globe icon, 

Select PhysiKey to switch to this keyboard. To switch back, tap the globe icon in the PhysiKey keyboard.


PhysiKey works just like the default keyboard for typing. Just tap the letter or the symbol shortcut in the top row. To change to the next set of shortcuts, tap the "Next" key in the lower left. To access the number pad, tap the "123" key in the lower left or right. To go back tap the "Prev" or "ABC " keys.

Accessing the PhysiKey Keyboard

Typing and using Shortcuts

There are two places to change the settings for PhysiKey - in the iPad Settings app under PhysiKey, or in the PhysiKey containing app itself. 

Show Borders on Keys: This setting will outline the keys when on. When off, the keys do not display a border. 

Enable dot on double-space:  this setting will enter a period when you click the space bar twice quickly. 

Auto-Capitalize Start of Sentence: This setting will automatically capitalize the first letter after a period. 

Please note that PhysiKey does not require FULL Access as set up under Settings -> General - > Keyboards -> Physikey